How do I hide my WiFi Administrator history?

How do I hide my WiFi Administrator history?

If you are browsing the internet on a work or school connection, then you will likely be aware that WiFi administrators can look in on the connection and see which sites you are connecting to. Thankfully, this can be blocked.

The easiest method for hiding your WiFi administrator history is to use a VPN. This will mask any connections you make over the WiFi, and thus nobody will be able to see which websites you are accessing.

Want to be on a VPN on multiple devices?

How do I hide my WiFi Administrator History?

If you want to hide your internet history from your WiFi administrator, then you will need to find some method of masking your outgoing and incoming traffic. This is where a VPN will come into play.

The VPN can help to mask your connection history. This is because when you use a VPN, you will not directly connect to a website. Instead, you will be sending your request through a VPN server. The WiFi connection will only be able to see the IP address for the VPN. It will not be able to see the final destination of your data request.

The same applies when you receive information back over the connection. If you are using a VPN, the WiFi administrator will only be able to see that you have received information from a VPN server, they will not be able to see where the information originated from.

They are not looking for it

Yes. The WiFi administrator will likely be able to see that you are using a VPN, but they are not going to be actively looking for it. This often means that you will be able to browse websites that are often blocked on your network. This is great if you need to access a restricted website if you are at work or at school.

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Remember; a VPN is not going to hide your web browser history. If you wish to stop prying eyes looking at the history in your web browser, then you will need to use incognito mode, or delete your browsing history. However, if nobody has access to your computer, this probably will not be that much of an issue.

How do I hide my WiFi Administrator history?

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How I Hide My WiFi Administrator History

If you’re looking to hide my WiFi Administrator history, you have a couple options. The first is to manually delete the files that are present in your “Documents and Settings” folder on your phone.

However, this process can be a very time-consuming task that will only leave you with a few items for you to sort through to find and delete the ones you really want. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to get rid of all traces of this pesky administrator history.

(or use a good VPN)

To hide your WiFi administrator history, you’ll need a program called “De-Shake.” This tool is designed to scan through every part of your phone and fix any issues it has.

To use this tool, you will need to download it from the Internet. When you have done so, it will begin to scan your phone and show you all the errors it has. Once it’s finished scanning, it will then tell you exactly which files are causing it to show your administrator history.

After the software has detected the errors, it will then offer you a list of files that you can delete. You can select what files you would like to erase. Then, simply delete them using the software.

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De-Shake will even allow you to choose whether or not your phone should reboot or just go into hibernation. This way, your phone will still be protected by your administrator history after deleting the files you need.

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