Should I leave VPN on all the time?

Should I leave VPN on all the time?

A virtual private network (VPN) isn’t something that only top-tech gurus use, even though it sounds like it could be. On his daily Internet surf at a local Starbucks, an average Joe might appreciate a VPN.

A VPN is useful for anybody who finds themselves on the Internet today. With a lot of uncertainty when it comes to security and safety online in this globalized world, a VPN could save you from headaches and even potential catastrophe. And, it wouldn’t hurt to leave it on at all times. In fact, it’s even recommended.

Picture this.

You’re travelling to a foreign country for a huge business deal and your boss recommends you install a VPN and keep it on at all times for your emails to remain private. You have a layover in a country that’s known for hacking emails, but you feel like the VPN has slowed down your computer.

So, you turn it off for a couple of minutes. There you are at a coffee shop with the fresh scent of

pita bread, zait ; zaatar, and the real Arabica beans brewing for your coffee. Life is good. Then, you notice you can’t log into your email account. It says “wrong password,” but you didn’t change it.

You text your boss because they have access to the email account too. The password doesn’t work for them either. You feel the heat in your neck, and it’s trickling down into your stomach somehow. Your boss responds with: “Are you using a VPN?”


Now, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume a VPN is only useful in foreign countries. Hackers live right under our noses. Our Western government might enjoy gathering our information too. Who knows? Don’t get me started on the risks of your location being visible to everyone.

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I’d keep my VPN on at all times. It already comes with my anti-virus program anyway. I never have to worry that my information is in the hands of somebody other than myself. Better safe than sorry. Our average Joe would pat himself on the back for keeping his on at all times, too.

Should I leave VPN on all the time?

User comment about being on all the time and VPN

I have my VPN from ExpressVPN on all the time

When a person comes to my site, I can tell right off the bat that I am using I have my VPN from ExpressVPN on all of the time. When I am looking for a good online business solution that will allow me to work from the comfort of my home, the choice is very obvious.

The best thing about this solution is that it works all the time. It does not matter what the Internet connection or where I am located in the world.

I was a bit surprised when I heard that they offer a free trial. This is a good idea for any company that wants to get their products out into the market and make sure they get the maximum amount of traffic possible before it costs too much to do so.

My wife has had it for a few months now, and she loves it. She can turn on her computer in the morning and go about her day without having to worry about security. This is a huge benefit for me.

No worries about spyware and hacks

I can stay at home with the family while they are working hard for me, without any worry of a hack or spyware going undetected on my personal computers. For this reason alone I recommend I have my VPN from ExpressVPN on all of the time.

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I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical when I first saw these free trials, but I thought I would give it a try. It was actually a small price to pay for getting all of my security and privacy. When I started out, I was pretty much on my own and was only using this solution as a temporary one.

I have it on all the time

Now, I am using this product every day, and not just a couple times a month, but all of the time. I know that this is a lot more than just a price. I have had some major benefits, and that is why I would recommend I have my VPN from ExpressVPN on all of the time.

If you are someone who needs a great service and is also looking for a great price, then this is the option for you.

Should I Leave My VPN On All The Time On My Smartphone?

It would be nice if there were a single question that would tell us “do I need to leave my VPN on all the time on my smartphone?” Unfortunately we can’t have one question like this because no two smartphones are ever alike and it would be too much trouble and expense to try to guess which ones are going to need VPN access while the other ones don’t.

There are times that we need to make use of some types of technology and we want it to work, but it takes us a little longer to get to where we need to be. If we are traveling and can’t have access to our internet using public Wi-Fi then we are stuck in our hotel room and will have to rely on our cell phone for the time being.

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It’s good to have a VPN

This means we have to be more careful when choosing which applications we use on our smartphone. There are so many different VPN applications on the market and some of them are not only slower than others, they also tend to have fewer features. We have to look for something that offers a lot of options but also has the capability to run in the background, even when our smartphone isn’t in use.

We are lucky with Android because most people use it to access their data on the internet as well. They often don’t think about having to use a VPN when they are using their smartphone for other purposes. You may not realize this, but a majority of people aren’t taking advantage of the capabilities that their smartphone has to offer.

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There are many times that we are able to utilize more features on our smartphone while traveling. However, we still have to make sure that we are using these features effectively.

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