VPNs For Streaming in Florida

No matter your location in Florida, a VPN can be invaluable when streaming content online. They provide geo-blocking protection as well as fast connections – two features essential for watching American shows or movies online.

The top VPNs for Florida boast global networks that include servers in Florida. This can allow them to bypass geo-blocking restrictions and gain access to US content such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.


ExpressVPN is an all-inclusive VPN provider, with an array of options and excellent customer support for Florida streaming needs. Their network boasts speed, security, and privacy features that make streaming in Florida possible, with applications available across Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OSX Linux routers.

ExpressVPN stands out with one of the easiest user interfaces we’ve come across, making it simple and enjoyable to use. Its connection window displays live status of your connection as you can easily see traffic movement on each server it uses. Furthermore, ExpressVPN features an “App and Website Shortcuts” feature that enables users to configure up to five shortcuts of favorite applications right within its connection window for quick and easy use.

This service also boasts a no-logs policy that does not log any personal data or internet traffic and has undergone third-party audit to demonstrate this commitment. Furthermore, they accept various payment methods including credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

A major advantage of VPN services like IPVanish is their no-logs policy, as this prevents surveillance agencies from tracking your activity or tracking you down. This is especially important if you reside in an area subject to government surveillance.

ExpressVPN makes changing server locations convenient, with its Smart Location feature connecting you with the nearest available server in real-time. This feature is particularly beneficial when traveling abroad as you can select one with optimal speeds that won’t stifle your travel.

ExpressVPN not only boasts lightning fast connections, but their no-logs policy does not record or store your personal information or Internet traffic. They don’t record your IP address, login time or which VPN server you select – all essential factors when it comes to protecting privacy online.

As well as using a powerful encryption algorithm to keep anyone out, this service also protects internet traffic and any files downloaded from the web – keeping everything private and safe for everyone’s benefit.

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Over the last year, ExpressVPN has taken steps to strengthen its security and privacy practices, including increasing independent third-party audit count and publishing details about how its TrustedServers technology is deployed. Furthermore, they joined i2Coalition (an association of VPN companies dedicated to ethical practices).


IPVanish VPN service from the US boasts no logs whatsoever and has even been audited and certified by an outside cybersecurity consulting firm as such.

IPVanish was recently subject to heavy criticism after an incident in 2016 where it was accused of providing records it shouldn’t have had access to, which may dissuade potential users from signing up with IPVanish.

IPVanish offers an inexpensive option with strong security features that’s suitable for most devices and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it an attractive proposition.

IPVanish’s extensive network of servers makes connecting to many locations simple, so that you’re assured of finding a fast server when needed.

Displays Ping and Server Load Percentages to help select fast connections. Save servers as Favorites for easy access.

IPVanish also offers a desktop application for Windows and macOS that is more robust than its mobile apps, enabling users to see connection statuses and search servers based on country or location preferences. Furthermore, there’s even a split tunneling feature to help people who require advanced configuration on their routers or other devices direct all traffic through either VPN or the regular internet simultaneously.

The desktop VPN app from Private Internet Access stands out as being more user-friendly and comprehensive than most others, featuring its black and green minimalist style to complement rather than overshadow the functionality. There is even a handy “Quick Connect” button which helps connect you directly to your nearest server in one click; in addition, a list of servers can be searched either by city or country name.

IPVanish’s extensive global server network makes them adept at providing fast speeds in most countries around the globe, particularly those located in Western Europe and North America where most of their servers reside.

IPVanish offers you exceptional download and upload speeds, making it the ideal solution if you plan to stream on-the-go. Depending on your location and ISP, expect anywhere between 70Mbps and 75Mbps download speeds.

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If you live in Florida and wish to access shows and streaming services that may be blocked by local authorities, a VPN can help. These services use encryption and servers around the world to conceal your location so that you can watch content from all around the US or even worldwide.

VPN Comparison 2024

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$3,99-Visit Website

PureVPN has been around for 14 years and offers many features that make it an attractive option for streaming content in Florida. Setup is simple, servers are located worldwide, so chances are good there’s one nearby no matter where you are.

PureVPN stands out among VPNs by boasting an extensive list of features and its no-log policy, which ensures your activity won’t be monitored or stored logs. Since 2014, PureVPN has made great strides in this area; such as passing an audit conducted by California security firm Altius IT in 2019.

PureVPN stands out amongst many VPN services on the market as one of the top choices for streaming in Florida. Offering fast connections and unblocking streaming services, PureVPN’s price point is very attractive: 5-year plans start from just $2.99/month!

PureVPN stands out from other VPNs by having servers located in 78 countries across the globe and a selection of city-level choices, making it easier for you to select a server which meets both speed and location needs, while avoiding popular areas which might become overloaded due to congestion issues.

PureVPN makes selecting your ideal location simple with its app, which offers a server list, settings menu and primary connect button. Filter by P2P servers or mark them as favorites while also creating Ping Times to quickly locate an available connection.

Kill Switch. An additional useful feature is the kill switch, which disables internet access if a VPN connection drops – especially helpful for families and those connected multiple devices simultaneously to the web.

PureVPN provides satisfactory customer support services through a live chat bot that’s available 24/7; however, reaching a real person may prove challenging and response times tend to be lengthy. In addition, email and support tickets may also be used as additional channels of communication with this provider.

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Private Internet Access

Unblocking Netflix in Florida is possible using various methods, but using a virtual private network (VPN) is often the most reliable. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, protects against hackers, blocks tracking cookies and referrers and offers 30-day money-back guarantees so you can test its service risk-free. ExpressVPN offers this and even offers its service free for 30 days!

As another benefit of using a VPN, its main advantage lies in changing your real IP address with one allocated by a server. This makes your computer appear to be located somewhere different and makes FL content easier to access. Private Internet Access makes this simple with instant IP switching between various devices and browsers and Florida IP locations; not to mention its top-of-the-line security and fast speeds!

PIA’s apps are intuitive and feature plenty of customizing options, as well as a helpful help desk with guides, answers to commonly asked questions, and security tips. Plus they are regularly updated for most major devices including iPhones and iPads!

Private Internet Access VPN services allow you to use up to 10 devices at the same time. Their servers are located all around the world, making connecting easier than ever; even your smart TV or set-top box can connect.

One of the greatest advantages of PIA is that all its servers are owned by themselves; therefore, you don’t need to worry about third-party hackers stealing your information. This feature can be particularly valuable if your privacy is important to you.

Although PIA doesn’t boast the same extensive server coverage as some premium VPNs, its servers still cover US, UK, Germany and Australia – plus an optional dedicated IP address at an extra $5 monthly charge!

Additionally, it supports torrenting with an integrated kill switch, keeps no logs of your traffic, and offers SOCKS5 protocol for additional protection.

PIA offers friendly and helpful customer support staff who can be reached via live chat 24/7 for advice or a trial period of 7 days free service through its mobile app or website; alternatively you’ll be provided with a login email that enables accessing PIA’s app.

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