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If you want to be more anonymous online, you should try a VPN in Australia. Premium VPNs support streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. But there are many things to consider before signing up for one. For starters, you should choose a service that offers a good price and has speed and user-friendliness. After all, no one wants to deal with slow connections. So which VPN is best?

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Privacy benefits of using a VPN in Australia

There are many privacy benefits to using a VPN in Australia, and one of the biggest is that it can ensure that your web traffic remains private. Most VPN providers do not log personal data, but they do admit to recording non-personal information to balance load on their servers during peak demand. Hence, it is important to read the fine print of any VPN provider’s privacy policies to ensure that your online activity remains protected.

A VPN works by bounce-throwing your data to a server abroad. All the way, your data is encrypted. This ensures that no one can spy on you. While the government of some countries actively monitors online activities, there is no evidence of that happening in Australia. That being said, the government does have laws which require ISPs to pass along certain metadata to authorities, which includes basic information such as your location. These laws are meant to last two years, but Australian internet users are a prime candidate for using a VPN to get around these rules.

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Streaming sites supported by premium VPNs

A VPN can be useful for watching streaming services like Netflix. However, if you’re in a foreign country, you may be restricted in the amount of content you can watch because your ISP limits your bandwidth usage. Using a VPN can help you circumvent these restrictions and continue to enjoy your favorite streaming content. VPNs can also prevent advertisers from tracking your browsing history and personal details. So, what should you look for in a VPN?

Hulu and Netflix are two streaming services that are currently on a warpath against VPNs. These services detect VPN traffic and ban its users. The ways they detect VPN traffic are closely guarded secrets, but it’s likely that they are using the same methods as Netflix’s IP blacklisting system. Despite this, Hulu remains a niche product in the world. This is why there are not many premium VPNs focused on unblocking the streaming service.


If you are traveling in Australia and want to stream content, a good VPN will provide you with a secure connection. ExpressVPN has numerous servers in the country, including in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. You can access Australian content with great speed and reliability. You can also unblock US content quickly and easily using ExpressVPN. You can download the app on any number of devices and log in and out at your convenience.

This is a budget option that offers unlimited bandwidth. It has a huge network of servers in 94 countries, so you won’t have any problems finding one that works. ExpressVPN is another affordable option with many great features, including strong unblocking. CyberGhost has fast servers and can also help you unblock Netflix. PrivateVPN supports split tunneling for torrenting and port forwarding. IPVanish has plenty of fast locations and no logs policy. AtlasVPN is another good choice and comes with a no-log policy.

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