Why are VPN so expensive?

Why are VPNs so expensive?

If you are hunting around for a VPN, you will very quickly notice that a lot of them can be quite expensive, particularly if you opt for some of the more expensive ones. So, why do they cost this much? Can the price really be justified? Let’s take a look.

In order for a VPN to work properly, it needs to have servers all over the world. The connection to these servers needs to be fast too, even if the customer is on the other side of the planet. Add customer support and marketing into the mix, and the cost of running a VPN is high. This means that the customer may need to pay a higher price to access the service.

Why is the cost of a VPN so high?

There are cheap VPN services out there. However, you will often notice that the cheaper products have a few limitations. This can include:

  • Slow connection speeds
  • Limited number of servers
  • Certain services are blocked

Decent VPNs need to be expensive. Many of them have thousands and thousands of servers around the world. These will be fairly hefty servers too, because they need to be capable of having hundreds of people connect to them. The cost of running a single server for a VPN can be high, let alone thousands of them.

This isn’t really a business that can scale up either. Business costs do not go down that much when you gain more users. The more users of a VPN, the more servers need to be purchased to cope with the increased amount of traffic. 

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Good VPN providers have many server locations

Decent VPNs will have their servers located in quality server farms. This ensures fast connections from the user to the server. The cost of this is also going to be high. Cheaper companies tend to work with smaller server farms, and this means slower connection speeds.

Remember; one of the main aims of a VPN is to keep your information private. It takes a lot of effort to accomplish something like this. An effort that VPNs do need to charge for. 

To cap it all off, there are a lot of people that will use VPNs to around geographic blocks on sites such as Netflix. As you may well know, Netflix is constantly banning VPNs from connecting to their services. The VPNs that charge a lot of money put a lot of resources into ensuring that this doesn’t happen to them and, if it does, they have the ability to fix the problem quickly. Of course, this is something that you will also need to be paying for.

Why are VPN so expensive?

User comments about VPN and price

My VPN is not that expensive

So you’ve heard that my VPN is not that expensive, but you don’t know where to find the best ones for your needs. The good news is that it really doesn’t have to be too expensive.

Good news again – the good VPN companies out there don’t have to be the most costly as well. In fact, a number of the top services available today are also some of their less expensive counterparts.

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Best cheap VPN services

Plus, in addition to being priced reasonably, they also can be purchased via a special discount, so the best cheap VPN services can actually be even cheaper than their more expensive counterparts. What’s more is that they will all provide a great amount of security and will make sure that you’re getting the service that you need.

Prevent harmful internet security attacks

You’ll also find that they will have features that allow you to control the type of internet that you use, and this can help to ensure that you don’t inadvertently open up yourself up to harmful internet security attacks. There are also a number of options when it comes to the type of VPN that you choose to use. For example, there are programs that you can purchase that offer free VPNs that you can then take advantage of.

My VPN is not that expensive, but they’re the best way to get the security you need for your internet connection. All you have to do is choose a provider that’s right for you and that will give you the security that you need without spending a lot of money on your connection.

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