Why is my Internet faster on VPN?

Why is my Internet faster on VPN?

While VPNs will often slow your internet connection down, there are some people who notice a little bit of a speed boost when they connect to their VPN. Why does this happen? Let’s look.

Your internet connection may see a boost in your internet connection speed when you connect to a VPN. This is because the ISP you are using may try and route your internet connection a little bit differently. In certain cases, this can make your internet connection a little bit more efficient. The result will be a very small speed boost.

Can a VPN Increase Internet Speed?

It is very rare for a VPN to be faster when you connect to a VPN. Even if you choose the fastest VPN, you will normally expect the speed to drop by a small fraction. However, some people may notice that their internet gets faster instead.

There is a very good reason for this. To understand the reason, you need to understand how a connection to the internet works.

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The reason your internet is faster

When you connect to the internet, you will connect through your ISP. You will not be connecting directly to a website. Instead, the ISP will route your traffic through several servers before you connect to the ‘final server’. The information will then be sent back to you through the same servers.

When you connect via a VPN, there is a chance that the ISP will route your traffic through a different set of servers. In some cases, this will avoid your connection going through ‘slower’ web servers. This will see a bump in your speed.

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This isn’t the only reason to why you may see a bump in speed, though. In some cases, ISPs will hamper your speed if you are doing certain bandwidth-heavy things with your internet connection. For example; if you are watching a lot of Netflix or YouTube. This is to stop you from ‘hogging’ system resources. If you go through a VPN, the ISP cannot see what you are doing online. This means they cannot slow down your connection.

Why is my Internet faster on VPN?

User comment about a faster internet with VPN

It is common knowledge that when you use a Private Internet Access (PIA) provider then your connection will be much faster than if you use another broadband Internet service provider. This is because when you are using a PIA service the provider is able to utilize all of the resources available in the network, including the ones that the rest of the Internet service providers are not capable of using, such as dedicated servers and data centers.

With all of the resources that the PIA service has, it means that your connection speed is going to be much faster. So, why is my Internet faster on VPN? The answer lies in what it is that the PIA service does. When you use a PIA provider, you are able to connect through a Private IP Network, and this allows the PIA provider to provide better access to the Internet for you.

When you connect through a Private IP Network, there are two main things that happen. First, the PIA service can provide the Internet service that you need for faster download times and faster uploads. Second, the service provides security to your connection, which is vital for those times when your Internet connection is down.

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Uses its own infrastructure

Because the PIA service uses its own infrastructure, it is able to provide security to your connection. This is important for people who have sensitive information on their personal computers and want to protect them.

By using a Private IP Network, you are able to get the same type of security that a regular Internet service provider would offer, but you will also be able to access the Internet faster.

When you connect through a Private IP Network, your connection is not going to bog down because it has to work with all of the resources available to it. The resources are there because the PIA service is able to use them in order to provide you with better connections, which means faster Internet access. This is why is my Internet faster on VPN.

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